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Bootup Africa Ltd. | Africa

Bootup Africa Ltd. aims to be a philanthropic African foundation. It independently finances projects directly on the ground in Africa together with local partners, NGOs and authorities to promote and realize independent projects in the segments of medicine, food, water, waste, energy, education and innovation. Together with our network, we collect capital to donate it to efficient and urgent charity projects for sustainable solutions to Africa's essential problems.

Mwankany Ltd. | Zambia

Mwankany Ltd. is a joint venture with local entrepreneurs from Zambia to provide solutions for Zambia and the surrounding countries. Together with the government of Zambia, Mwankany Ltd. is particularly committed to projects to improve medical care in the country. Other projects concern the energy, agribusiness, innovation and raw materials sectors.

Bootup Senegal Ltd. | Senegal

Bootup Senegal Ltd. is a base in Senegal for West Africa and ECOWAS (Economic Community of West African States). Together with the governments and local partners of ECOWAS, we offer solutions for projects to improve medical care in ECOWAS in particular.

UCAR Health GmbH | Germany

UCAR Health GmbH is a German-Turkish joint venture resulting from the cooperation between the German UCAR Technology GmbH, the Austrian CEMJON GESMBH and the Turkish DILCEM KIMYA VE DANISMANLIK ITH.IHR.SAN.TIC.LTD.STI. UCAR Health GmbH protects the know-how and assets from more than 15 years of research and development of the 20-member research team led by Dilek Ucar and Professor Metin Turan, focused on human health. In doing so, they pursue different approaches: In dealing with the environment, combating harmful microorganisms with effective, environmentally friendly solutions of disinfection to create real hygiene and ensure it is sustainable. Also, strengthening the human immune system and promoting health for a positive well-being through holistic nutritional supplements.

Owners Capital Limited | United Kingdom

Owners Capital Limited is an advisory firm working with global partners and focusing on the adept combination of finance and intellectual property.

M2S | China

A German-Chinese cooperation focused on projects in and for China. Together with our local business partners and the government, we participate in projects and companies related to innovation & know how transfer, as well in Trading in Health Care and commodity goods